(Flipped Parenting Community and Inner Circle Members: email to register.)

CLASS: Sibling Fighting: How to Keep Your Cool & Calm the Chaos

DATE: Tuesday, September 13

TIME: 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST


COST: $10 (free for Flipped Parenting Community and Inner Circle Members)


  • A live, interactive zoom class on Tuesday, Sept. 13
  • One-month access to the class recording
  • Bring a parenting partner for free!

In this fun, informative and engaging online class you will learn how to better manage and de-escalate sibling fights. You will leave class with a better understanding of why siblings fight and be equipped with new strategies to calm the fighting down.

You will learn:
✔️  Non-punitive tools and strategies to extinguish sibling fights quickly
✔️  Techniques for using connection to prevent fighting in the first place
✔️  Reasons kids fight and how to get to the root of sibling squabbles
✔️  How parents unintentionally add fuel to the fire and what you can do differently

Zoom log in information will be emailed after registration is confirmed.

FREE Online Class!

“Introduction to Positive Parenting Tools:
Why Punishments Don’t Work and What to Do Instead”

Want to increase cooperation, decrease stress and have a more peaceful home?

Come learn what “positive parenting” is all about! In this fun and engaging class, you will be introduced to non-punitive parenting tools that are both kind and firm, help you learn what is driving misbehavior, build connection with your kids, and teach important life skills such as problem solving, communication and emotional regulation.


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